Deborah Epstein, RP (Registered Psychotherapist), B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed (Counselling Psychology), CCC (Certified Canadian Counsellor)



Individual child and adolescent therapy, family therapy, and adult therapy.

Areas of specialization:

Family Therapy/Parent Coaching:

Being part of a loving, caring family can sometimes be challenging. The EFFT (Emotion Focused Family Therapy) model is often employed to help change the family dynamic by opening the lines of communication and reducing conflict. It enables parents to improve the connection they have with their children (and each other). Depending on the presenting issues, this form of therapy may consist of parent-only sessions, joint parent-child sessions, child-only sessions or sessions with the entire family.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

CBT has been empirically proven to effectively treat mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. The CBT modality is based on the framework that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all interconnected. Clients learn specific strategies to address negative or anxious thoughts in order to improve how they feel and/or behave.


Family breakdown can be a fearful and anxiety-provoking time for all members of the family, Children often benefit from having someone in "their corner" to whom they can privately express their thoughts and feelings, and from whom they can get extra emotional support.
Parents often struggle with how to support their children while balancing their own needs and emotions during this very difficult time. Therapy can help parents cope, as well as balance and prioritize their own needs and those of their children.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy:

DBT focuses on five sets of skills: mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness skills, "walking the middle path" to help families reduce conflict and learn to validate and change behaviour, and dialectical thinking and acting. Both adolescents and parents learn these skills using this modality.

Deborah Epstein